New Swedish model required

As previously reported we went up to the mechanics to find out the prognosis on the engine. They had taken the cylinder head off and found that we would need a new head, a new piston and a probably new crankcase. They spoke to Volvo who informed that a new engine would be a similar cost and the labour would be more.

Consequently, we have bitten the bullet and ordered a new engine. They are trying to fast track the engine to Brest as they realise we would like to get moving as quickly as possible. Hopefully, the work might be completed by next weekend, June 8th but dependent in arrival of engine. Volvo are doing a special deal on the replacement so it is not as expensive as it could have been. Just as well Jo has had a tax refund and Liz has recently sold some shares.


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7 Responses to New Swedish model required

  1. Michael says:

    Oh dear! Still, now you know, and at least it didn’t conk out in the middle of the Bay of Biscay! Enjoy your forced soujourn in Brittany. xx

  2. jothesnow says:

    Ouch. You have our sympathy – but as Michael says – at least you were close to help when the engine gave up the ghost. Hope you get things sorted soon. xx

  3. Rob & Rhi says:

    Our sympathy too, as you know our Volvo decided to let us down in Spain last year but ‘luckily’ it was just the head gasket. No idea how they would get our engine out of Beyzano anyway! At least when you have your shiny new engine there will be no more worries on that topic and you can continue enjoying your adventure! Take care xx

  4. Sam says:

    Ouch…may the swedish model arrive quickly and get her bits connected up pronto so you can be on your way

  5. Olly Hammond says:

    Why did the engine seize then ? Was it a cooling problem or lubrication problem or did it drop a valve ?

    • Jo Fraser says:

      Hi Olly. it looks like it dropped a valve but the cylinder head is knackered and apparently so is the crankcase. Volvo said the new parts would be as expensive as a new engine. There aren’t any refurbished 2040’s around so new engine it is. As it is, it will be 4 weeks since it happened before we get away so we are keen to get it sorted asap.

    • Liz says:

      HI Olly. Thanks for your concern. Do you know what causes a dropped valve and how we stop it happening again to the new engine ? xx

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