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Feel free to contact us via nimrod.oceanlord at (@) We would love to hear from you or you can leave a comment on our blog.

6 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Fiona Fraser says:

    Just been on your site.
    Boat looks amazing and very comfortable below deck!
    Will follow your trip with envy! Iain’s father can captain a yacht and has said about a trip around the med…..we are still all waiting for that day! Perhaps I will forward him your site to inspire him!
    Fiona x

  2. Russ Lambert says:

    Just read your bit in newsbouy.Have a fantastic time m’ladies. Hopefully we’re about a year behind you. Stay safe, drunk (now and then), and happy.
    Russ and Paul (Deucalion)

  3. Bryan & Linda Parlett says:

    Great to see that you’ve finally got away! Bon voyage, hope the hair’s grown by the time we see you next. Dreadfully envious.

  4. Philip Barron says:

    Dear Ladies
    Many thanks for the v generous birthday gift and wishes.
    Hope all is plain sailing for you now.
    Lots of love Fleesh

  5. Liz Smith says:

    Hi Liz & Jo
    Your trip looks amazing. Billy & I are about to fly to Seville tomorrow & then go to the coast – sadly looks like we’ll have missed you by about 2 weeks. We’ll have to save the Cava for another time. Enjoy the rest of your trip. We missed you both very much at HH’s party – the Horsfall jamming session and barber shop quartet were just some of the highlights!
    Keep safe

    Liz, Des & Billy xxx

  6. Jane (Towers) says:

    hi Jo and Liz

    Long time no contact. You trip looks absolutely fantastic, what a wonderful way to spend a year off. Much better than the rat race.
    Keep dipping in every so often to see where you have got to. Very envirious.
    Keep posting
    With love

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