Mooring 2018

Being in Greece allowed us to anchor much more than in 2017 when we were in the Adriatic. The only times we were in a marina were when we were waiting for delivery of our batteries at the start of the trip (Bari), when we had to leave the boat for two weeks to come back to the UK (Préveza) and when we had to replace the split diode (Kalamata). All of the marinas had lazy lines which gave us peace of mind when leaving the boat for any length of time. Town quays were plentiful but usually busy so we had to arrive well before midday if we wanted a space. They were often free although they brought their own level of stress due to anchor crossing being a daily worry. Taking lines ashore wasn’t new to us but we used it much more in 2018 and so had to perfect our technique with only two of us on board. Our preference was free anchoring. It kept us safe in the Meltemi and the Medicane as we have plenty of scope (length of chain) and a very good anchor (Manson Supreme).

All in all, we spent 129 days on board. The marina stays cost us on average around €21 per night (as opposed to around €45 last year) and the town quays less than €8.50 per night, including electricity and water if it was available. The town quay at Lixouri, Cephalonia was secure with both electricity and mooring free! The most expensive town quay was at Gaios, Paxos at €24 per night.

Med Trip 2018

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