Pointe du Raz and Penmarc’h

The Pointe du Raz is designated as a “Grand Site National” and is the western most tip of mainland France. Apparently, it attracts over a million visitors a year but the only real touristy bit is the shops and bars near the car park. When arriving, you are giving a voucher by a nice woman in a booth but you pay on exit to another woman in a booth. Not sure why but it is providing employment for two people!

There is also a statue there in commemoration of all the shipwrecks off this part of France as it quite rightly has a fearsome reputation as this area has a lot of low lying rocks just offshore and a narrow channel between the mainland and the Île de Sein. The bay just to the north is called Baie des Trépassés or Bay of the Dead due to the number of shipwrecks washed up there!


Whilst there, we also visited Penmarc’h where a number of impressive lighthouses stand. This is the point of which that South Brittany starts. There are several lighthouses from different eras including Eckmühl, named after Napeleon’s famous Marshall.



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