Facts and Figures

We have finally converted our pages of logbook entries and financial spreadsheets into something a bit more understandable! Please click on the link for more detail and the sub pages as well.

Link to our Cruising Association presentation in November 2014 in which we have shared photographs of our favourite places as well as the route. It’s in a dropbox shared folder so please be patient whilst it downloads!

Distance travelled: —3,500nm

Duration: 6 months (May to October 2012)

Visited —5 countries, 89 places with the boat (plus a few more by car)

—Costs: €2,250 per month living costs (excluding new engine of €10k)

—Time spent: 40% motoring, 30% motor sailing, 30% sailing

—169 nights onboard

Link to the charts Pie charts 2012 med trip



2 Responses to Facts and Figures

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  2. jothesnow says:

    Great facts and data – seems like a bargain – 12,000 Euros for a six month holiday :).

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