As we continue in lockdown here in the UK, our sailing plans for this summer are put on hold. We were supposed to be out in June and September in 2020 but with the current restrictions, June seems extremely unlikely and September may not be worth it if self isolating is still in place in Greece.

However, the good news is that we have saved 40% on our insurance as we have put Nimrod ‘out of commission’ for insurance purposes! If things change we can pay an additional premium to have her in the water. She is safe at Olympic Marine and we may well keep her there until next Spring.

What we may do is is pop out later this year to check her out and see how many of her toys she’s managed to break in our absence. There are jobs like new solar panels to be fitted. Jo was scheduled to fly out in mid March to oversee the removal of the old panels and installation of the new ones but it was evident that Greece was about to go into lockdown as events moved quickly.

However, we have completed the fact and figures for 2019. These are available here for those of you who are interested! In the meantime, we are planning our cruising for when Nimmie is back in the water.

Stay safe and well everyone

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1 Response to Lockdown

  1. Rosemary says:

    Our boat is in Italy and we’re in Portugal. We don’t feel inclined to risk the journey, which wouldn’t be very easy in itself with current travel restrictions, or the extra exposure to the dreaded virus So looks as though sailing is off for this year. Keep safe, keep well.

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