Running Costs 2012

Our overall budget was £2,000 per month and in the end we spend an average of €2,250 per month. At the time, this equated to £1,800. We have not included the €10,000 we sent on the new engine as we saw this as an extraordinary cost but goes to show that you definitely need a contingency fund!

Screenshot 2014-11-06 13.38.08

The main breakdowns of expenditure were as follows:


  • New anemometer (wind gauge)
  • Fridge regassing (about three times until they found the leak!)
  • Throttle replacement
  • New sail runners
  • Windlass motor replacement
  • Local charts not already purchased
  • Camping gaz – found that varied in both cost and usage time!


  • Restaurants €1,000 (26%)
  • 18 occasions excluding when our visitors took us out!


  • Car hire €370
  • Flights back to UK
  • General sightseeing

Fuel – varied from 89p per litre in Channel isles to €1.99 in Sardinia





1 Response to Running Costs 2012

  1. Gareth says:

    Can’t say I felt like I was on the receiving end of the 1% of presents, but ho hum!

    Hope you guys have an amazing summer. I’m exceedingly jealous!

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