Running Costs 2018

We were pleasantly surprised to find that our costs for 2018 were less than half of the previous year’s in the Adriatic. Whilst the percentage split were roughly the same, the actual amounts were far less (£8,800 compared to £17,500). People we had spoken to had all said that Greece was much cheaper but, we have to admit, we weren’t expecting it to be as cheap as it was. Everything was much cheaper, marina fees, town quays, fuel, eating out and even food, despite the fact that VAT is 24%. Cash is definitely the preferred payment option and as such ‘discounts’ could be found.

Mooring costs include any water and electricity charges. Fuel was cheaper than in the Adriatic but a greater percentage of overall costs. That’s not surprising given that we ended up motoring far more than we did last year due to lack of wind in the morning or wrong direction.

Boat costs include the engine service (prepaid), additional work by Ranieri in Italy, the purchase and fitting of the new split diode and the haul out and storage in Salamina. Transportation costs cover car hire, ferries and taxis. Food costs in Greece varied depending on location. Island supermarkets tended to be, quite naturally, more expensive than on the mainland although we found an amazing supermarket at Petriti on Corfu that was well stocked, great value with the most amazing local wine at €3 per 1.5 litre bottle!

Med finance 2018