North Brittany

Brittany is an amazing cruising ground to explore with so many inlets, harbours and towns. It is called the Granite Coast for good reason as the terrain is dramatic and beautiful. With the huge tidal range here (1m-11m), calculating the depth of water to get anywhere is paramount. It is also useful as the currents are equally as strong so getting the timing right makes all the difference as 3 knots of tide with you can take hours off your day or, equally, add hours if against you. Yachts generally calculate on an average of 5-6 knots when sailing so adding 3 knots can make the difference in getting to your destination at the right time. Conversely, 3 knots against you could halve your speed and mean you miss a vital tidal gate.

Click on the links below for more detail on the places we visited.

Côtes d’Armour



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