Engine update

We were told today that the new engine will be here on Weds so we may get sorted early the following week. The new engine is a right hand one which means it turns clockwise in forward gear. Our old engine did the opposite which means that the propeller we have won’t work with the new engine.

We, of course, have a feathering propeller that automatically sets the best pitch so that there is less drag when sailing and is more economical when motoring. However, we now need new blades that work with a right handed transmission so these have been ordered from the UK today and should be with us by the end of next week (Jubilee celebrations notwithstanding). As with anything to do with boats, the cost involved has three zeros. Sue C and Liz C – are you keeping up? ⛵

So, having spent even more money we decided to take the dinghy and explore the river Elorn. We had a lovely potter up the river with a picnic before coming back to clean the offside of the boat that is not near the pontoon.

Another beautiful evening meant we could have our dinner outside watching the sun set.


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2 Responses to Engine update

  1. Madeline says:

    Following your adventure withinterest. Hope all goes well with the engine

  2. Emma says:

    So sorry the engine has proved so problematic – jubilee w/e and all. Still you seem to be enjoying the french cuisine and sunsets!!

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