The engine saga continues

Having spent a lovely couple of days in the Tremiti Islands exploring both on foot and by dinghy (outboard still working, Scoob), we also took every opportunity to cool off in the turquoise waters. We even managed to snorkel down to the Padre Pio statue that is submerged off one of the islands. We gave Nimmie a good hull scrape as she was definitely growing a beard and that looked so unbecoming.

We left yesterday evening to make our way towards Rimini.  After 30 mins, the transmission problems appeared to recur with a lack of revs. So we turned back and picked up a mooring buoy just outside of the quay at San Domino. We had heard that there was a squall coming through that would have made any of the anchorages untenable. We were right. The squall came through an hour after we moored up and mayhem ensued as other yachts left their anchorages and tried to pick up a mooring buoy in the dark and in 37 knots of wind with the accompanying large swell.

By this time, we had given up any expectation of hearing back from the mechanic in Vieste and went to bed. However, our friend Lee suggested that it would be worthwhile checking the fuel pre filter in case we had dirty or even contaminated fuel. We were up at 0630 and found that we did, in fact, have dirt in the filter and that was stopping the flow of fuel to the engine.

Having changed that and bled the system, we decided to set off north along the coast so that we could duck into a harbour on the mainland if necessary. I’m pleased to say that it wasn’t necessary and we motorsailed 45nm to Ortona. We checked the filter again when we arrived and all looks good. The juddering even appears to have stopped but suspect that’s just coincidence.

Ortona appears to be a bit of a let down. We are sitting in a marina next to a commercial dock that works 24 hours and within spitting distance of the mainline railway with all of its nighttime freight trundling past. We also appear to have blown the entire pontoon’ electricity supply by having the audacity to plug in a kettle and couldn’t find the marina showers as everyone has gone home. And apparently, they want €50 for the privilege. It will be an interesting conversation tomorrow when the marina manager returns.

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1 Response to The engine saga continues

  1. Scoob says:

    So maybe it isn’t engines you have a negative effect on but fuel filters since that was the problem with the tourist mini bus. I am very much hoping you have sorted out the problem now and can continue swanning about the med (do they have swans in the Med?). If you find a solution to the shuddering do let me know as Ms Multipla still sounds like an aged London taxi cab with a rattling cough even after the new tube, new fuel filter and new thingy that stops the engine shaking.

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