Engine problems resolved and now in Rimini

Having been unimpressed with Ortano, we decided to leave after breakfast. We bled the system again to ensure that there was no air in the fuel as the engine was still very hot when we did it the night before. We crossed all our digits and started the engine. She sounded fine so we made the decision to continue north but hug the Coast so that if we did need to divert to a harbour we could. After the first 6 hours, there was no sign of a lack of power and she sounded ‘right’ so we thought we would crack on. So, 23 hours later we arrived in Rimini, party capital of Italy (Liz is very happy) and none the worse apart from being tired.

Rimini is tidal so the marina has posts instead of lazy lines to tie up to at the bow (front) and then onto a pontoon at the stern (back).

We got in at 0930 about three hours before another storm. The wind really picked up by Midday and by 1800 all hell had let loose – mind you, the resulting downpour gave Nimmie a good wash!

So, today we went on a 24km bike ride on our trusted folding bikes to Ikea. Yes, there’s one just outside of Rimini. We wanted some awning to keep the sun off the boat as it’s already in the low 30s in the shade and nearly 40 in the sun. It ended up an all day affair but a successful one!

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