Tremiti Islands – finally!

Yesterday evening (Thursday), the mechanics came armed with our new parastrappi, aka flexible coupling plate, and spent the next two and a half hours fitting it. This was two days earlier than we expected. They also decided that the engine wasn’t misaligned so we’re not totally sure what caused the problem.

Liz had a fishing trip booked for this morning so we decided we’d leave at lunchtime. Before then, we needed to pay the boatyard who didn’t take credit cards so we had to pay the local petrol station by card and they reimbursed the yard. We also had to pay for our ten days in Vieste but the marina also doesn’t take cards although luckily we had enough cash on board. It seems that cash is king here and don’t even ask for a receipt! We also needed to refuel so it was one very expensive morning!! So, with a certain amount of trepidation we set off to Isolda Tremiti – some 30nm away. All seemed to be fine but each change in pitch or different sound had us opening the engine compartment and listening intently.

We arrived around 8pm to a crowded main anchorage but managed to find a little cove with only 3 other boats.

The holding isn’t supposed to be great and it’s quite deep so we have 45m of chain out. Although it’s quite benign at the moment so we are probably just sitting on our chain anyway! Jo jumped in to check the anchor but it was too dark and deep to check whether it was safely dug in. We’ll have to wait until morning. She did notice that there was quite a lot of growth on Nimmie’s hull and keel so that’ll be a job for tomorrow.

Tremiti is infamous for the gay internment camp (no pun intended) that Mussolini set up in the 1930s so we are hoping to explore the islands tomorrow by dinghy. The islands are very low lying like the Isles of Scilly so only safe in very settled weather. Tonight, we are having the fruits of Liz’s labours for supper.

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  1. Mads says:

    Yummy supper! Xx

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