Normal service resumed

After the last few days of high winds and overcast skies, we awoke this morning to blue skies and light winds. Yesterday afternoon we finally made it over to La Maddalena town on the local ferry. We were storm bound on Nimmie for the morning as winds exceeded 34 knots at times. La Maddalena is supposed to be quite quaint but to be honest it was disappointing. Perhaps because it is so late in the season.

Today we went in search of sandy beaches and turquoise waters. We ventured north east of Palau to Cala Ferringo on Isola Spargi but it was very rocky in the entrance to the bay so caution got the better part of valour and we moved onto the island of Santa Maria where the water was an amazing turquoise but somehow it didn’t do it for us. Maybe we have been spoilt but there were too many tourist boats for our liking. We then moved a couple of miles south to Cala Nord in Deadman’s Reef Passage which is a narrow channel between islands. It has park authority mooring buoys here and spectacular beaches a dinghy row away. We are now on one of these buoys and have set a lobster pot up again (fingers crossed). This afternoon we went ashore and walked round to look over the Pink Beach (immortalised in various films) but is now a conservation area so access to the actual beach is prohibited and amazing to see a pristine beach of pink sand with no footprints! Pictures of Liz at Santa Maria, Nimrod, the beach at Deadman’s Reef Passage Pink Beach and La Maddelena town.





La Maddalena Town

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