Back in Sardinia

Last night was a blustery night but we slept well although we awoke to a thunderstorm and lashing rain – not what we had ordered! Liz went to collect the lobster pot and yet again it was empty. So the bait of mouldy bacon that we have recycled since leaving the UK was returned to its air tight container ready for the next lobster catching opportunity. Based on advice from Mags the bait may still not be rancid enough for lobsters.

The storm finally passed around lunchtime so we made the decision to sail back to Sardinia as we wanted to explore the Maddalena Archipelago on the NE tip some more before heading west towards Alghero. There are strong, gale force winds forecast for tonight so we decided to come back to Palau and pick up a mooring buoy.

Tomorrow we are planning on catching the ferry across to La Maddalena town as there are no anchorages nearby so we would need to go into the marina there and pay whereas the mooring buoys here in Palau are free!

Picture of sunset across Palau from our mooring.


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1 Response to Back in Sardinia

  1. madeline malthouse says:

    We were very impressed with the photos of Lizzie up the mast.You mad things!!!!

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