Lazy Sunday

We had a really peaceful night at anchor despite some wind. The anchor held firm as usual and there was no swell so we were rocked gently to sleep. Today has been glorious, if windy, and we decided to stay here in the Port de Rondinara and have a fairly lazy day. However, the anchor light had stopped working so Liz went up the mast to fix it. The mast is 17m about the water and the wind decided to gust 20 knots whilst she was at the top!

After a late lunch we went ashore to walk along the beach. The beach is quite sheltered from the wind so we spent an hour or so walking along it. Then back to the boat as Liz decided she would lay a lobster pot in the rocks around the edge of the bay. We will see whether she was successful tomorrow morning.

Pictures of the bay with Nimrod and baby Nimrod, our tender, and Liz up the mast!





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