Goodbye to the Maddalena Archipelago

We awoke on the Cala Nord mooring buoy having slept well even though Nimrod had been rolling from the easterly swell. The weather was windy and overcast and this continued all day. Liz picked up an empty lobster pot, yet again, and we set off to explore Cala Lunga on the west side of Isola Razzoli. We had intended this to be a lunchtime stop on a mooring buoy, but as there were no mooring buoys, no sun and it all looked a bit bleak, we decided to crack on to one of the three calas on mainland Sardinia that were described as delightful in the pilot book.

We arrived at Cala Liscia which as promised was full of wind surfers and kite surfers, however after three attempts to anchor in 25 knot winds and dragging through weed each time, we gave up to try Porto Pollo. Unfortunately, the Porto Pollo area that was ideal for anchoring had been cordoned off as a beach swimming area. Finally we found a mooring buoy for the night at Porto Pozzo, which is a an inlet about half a mile long and better protected from the winds.

A somewhat frustrating day although we did have a cracking sail.

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1 Response to Goodbye to the Maddalena Archipelago

  1. madeline malthouse says:

    Never mind! You win some you lose some!!!!

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