Port Crouesty in the drizzle

The wind has dropped significantly today and we have come out of the Morbihan to Port Crouesty just outside the entrance to the Golfe. Crouesty is a massive marina or should I say 5 marinas in one place. We have been lucky and put into a spare berth that is much nearer the supermarket and showers as we need to do a big shop before we go to Belle Ile tomorrow. We also need a new boat hook!

We are hoping to leave Belle Ile on Thursday to cross Biscay to northern Spain some 240 miles away. We met up with colleagues of Liz’s for a meal. 

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2 Responses to Port Crouesty in the drizzle

  1. jothesnow says:

    Wishing you fair winds and a safe passage to Spain x

  2. madeline malthouse says:

    Getting nearer to us !!!Great

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