La Palais on Belle Ile

We spent the morning buying various bits and bobs for the boat from the chandleries and riggers in Crouesty before sailing over to Belle Ile. As we were about half way across a fog bank rolled in cutting visibility to less than half a mile. As quickly as it came, it cleared.

Belle Ile is about 15 miles from Crouesty and is famous throughout France. Le Palais is the main port where the ferries come to and mooring up is an interesting experience! You basically have to moor stern (back of boat) to the harbour wall with a rope through chains hanging down and then attach the bow (front of boat) to a mooring buoy. All of which can only be done with the help of the marina staff as there are already boats attached to both chains and buoys. Then you have to row your dinghy to the other bank where the town is. Tomorrow is supposed to be a lovely day so we will stay here and explore the island as well as polish the hull as it is perfectly sheltered here.

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2 Responses to La Palais on Belle Ile

  1. madeline malthouse says:

    Hello to you both,and I thought we had problems mooring Dulcibella!!!!

  2. Sam says:

    Have a good crossing across “the Bay”

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