Supping a beer lamenting the loss of boat hook

We had a gentle sail from Port Tudy to the Golfe du Morbihan in Quiberon Bay. There was only 6-9 knots of wind but we managed 5 knots. Going round Quiberon peninsular we had a foul tide of 2-3 knots so it resembled being in a washing machine but the weather was so benign that it didn’t matter. We were treated to two lots of dolphins playing with our bow wave. We felt very honoured.

Coming into the Morbihan you encounter fast tides as the Golfe is 50 square miles of sea and islands but with an entrance of just a half of a mile wide. On a Saturday afternoon in June it felt like Piccadilly Circus with motor boats, ferries, yachts and canoes all coming at you from different directions with no speed limit. It made the Solent seem quite sedate in comparison. Also, as it is Springs low tide is just 0.3m so you really have to watch your depth as the shore shoals very quickly in places. We are now moored in a bay off the Ile d’Arz for the night. Unfortunately in picking up a mooring buoy we managed to break a boat hook in half! We may stay here tomorrow as well as there is a low coming through so will be high winds during the day but we will be safely tucked in.

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2 Responses to Supping a beer lamenting the loss of boat hook

  1. madeline malthouse says:

    Great to hear your progress.Keep well

  2. jothesnow says:

    Jealous of you being in the Gulf of Morbihan. We have visited there when on camping holidays in Quiberon. We stood on Gavrinis Island watching the tide – it looks scary !! Try and visit the Island of Gavrinis if you get a chance – plus Carnac is amazing with mile after mile of standing stones

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