South Brittany Islands

Yesterday, we motored as there was no wind from Ste Evette to the Iles des Glénan just off the Benodet Bay. They are a glorious collection of low lying islands with white beaches supposedly made from decayed coral. The sea was turquoise and it was a glorious afternoon. There are very few facilities on the island and certainly no WiFi or 3G!

We met up with club members David and Michael on their boats, White Angel and Sea Witch and had our first BBQ off the back of the boat this holiday.

Today, however, we woke to grey sky and some wind so we sailed to Port Tudy on the Ile de Groix, about 20 miles away, opposite Lorient. We will probably spend a couple of days here as there is another low front with high winds expected tomorrow afternoon and will last about 24 hours. We don’t mind too much as we wanted to explore the island anyway. Pictures of Iles de Glenan and cycling round Ile de Groix.

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1 Response to South Brittany Islands

  1. jothesnow says:

    Wow – fab beaches. Will add them to our itinerary when we finally escape 🙂

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