Folding bicycles

We bought folding bicycles about 4 years ago on the basis that they would be useful when we were on the boat and needed to get to the shops. In truth, we haven’t used them much before now but they did seem a good idea at the time.

They take a bit of getting used to as the wheels are small and there are only 6 gears. In addition, the brakes aren’t exactly trustworthy. However, they are useful if the shops are miles away or if you want to explore the local countryside.

Today we decided to cycle the 9 miles to Landerneau from the marina in Brest. We took the local roads and followed the river. We went up hill and down dale but the weather held off and it was a lovely ride if hard work given the lack of gears and the small wheels. Still, good exercise nonetheless. Having got to our destination we decided that getting a train back to Brest was the best idea as there was a very steep hill down to the town and we have now had a couple of beers!


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4 Responses to Folding bicycles

  1. David Browne says:

    Hi there, so when you set off again where do you plan to go? Port Tudy on Isle de Croix is lovely as is the isle d’Houat further on in the bay of Quiberon. Enjoy the Morbhian!! We will be there on 21 June again…..yippee! D

  2. Jo Fraser says:

    We hope to do a bit of island hopping as we have done a far bit of sightseeing by car. Port Tudy is definitely on the list as is the Morbihan. All, of course, weather dependent! You never know, we may yet meet up!!

  3. Jase says:

    Great news that the bicycles are getting some use! What was Landerneau like?

    Liz, your hair is already getting long!

    • Jo Fraser says:

      Very pretty little town with lots of medieval bits. The bridge over the river has had shops on it since 1510. Liz’s hair is already over an inch long and seems to be getting greyer! Liz has used the Sugru to mend the window blind holder in the stern cabin. The plastic fittings on the end has broken off. It seems to be working a treat! Thanks.

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