Weather agin us

The engine is almost ready to install but the high winds today have made it impossible. Gusting over 40 knots in the marina has meant that it will be tomorrow at the earliest and maybe Monday. However, the mechanics have been busy ensuring that the new engine will fit in our engine bay as it is slightly smaller (in overall dimensions than the old one rather than horsepower) so it needs to have feet extensions otherwise it will fall down the gap!

Have spent the day planning the next part of the trip. Ready to get on with it now!!!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Weather agin us

  1. Sam says:

    very smart new engine bay 🙂

  2. Tim AKA Hippo Yawn! says:

    G’day Liz & Jo. So sorry to hear of your cast iron genoa failure. Now you’ll have peace of mind with a bright shiny new one…… Look on the bright side – it’s great that you sold the shares before the crash! I’m even more interested in buying it with a new engine! Enjoy sitting out the weather and enjoy exploring land for a while – I think they call it “Surf and Turf”.

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