Le moteur nouvelle est arrivé!

The new motor has duly arrived and we are hoping that it can be lifted onto the boat tomorrow afternoon. They need to check that it is running properly on the bench first before installation We are also restricted by the time of high water as we need to get alongside the jetty for them to crane it onto the boat. High water is at 2000 tomorrow but the mechanics finish at 1730 and we need a certain height of tide to float! Consequently, it may be Friday morning instead.


We have used the time to do various jobs around the boat. The fridge needed re-gassing so a very helpful plumber turned up today. He was early, very good and not extortionate. We have also realised that our cool box (not the fridge) is not insulated so Liz is currently squirting foam around it as we speak! Liz also painted the engine bay so that it is all nice and clean for the new engine.


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2 Responses to Le moteur nouvelle est arrivé!

  1. Lee Price says:

    Shiny shiny! Same HP or more?
    Liz, did you get any squirty foam on your T-Shirt?
    Nice clean engine bay 🙂

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