We arrived back from the U.K. late on Sunday evening but at least with hand luggage we were quickly out of the airport. Back on Nimmie, we could see that repairs had progressed with the bow having been fibre glassed and various parts removed. We popped into the boatyard office on the Monday morning to get a feel for how things were going but Sotiris, the Technical Director, was in a bit of a flap about some other boats. He assured us that it was all progressing but clearly didn’t have time to give us any more detail. We left them to it.

As we had originally planned to be in Mykonos from June 18, we decided to keep with the plan and go over by ferry from Rafina, some 50km north. Our friends, Phil and Gerard, who were supposed to be with us on Nimmie had rented an apartment on the south of the Mykonos island so we joined them for a few days.

View from our apartment

This was my first time on the island whilst Liz had been there quite a few times over the last 30 years.

Lia Beach, Mykonos

It was great to explore the place without worrying about the weather or the mooring. We visited some beautiful beaches including Lia, Elia, Fokos and Agia Anna.

Lunch with Phil and Gerard at the delightful Fokos beach

Our friends, Phil and Gerard, left us on the Saturday to make their way to Paros and we went to Mykonos town to meet up with an old school friend of Liz’s, Denise, at an amazing hotel called Absolut Mykonos. We even managed to fit in a couple of dives.

Absolut Mykonos Hotel

We spent the next couple of days being completely spoilt with an infinity pool and air conditioning! Sadly, we had to leave on the Monday evening to get back to Lavrion and find out how the repairs were going. The ferry trip back was uneventful but on time. This couldn’t be said for the taxi ride home which involved going at breakneck speed and cost nearly €90 (one and a half times the cost up there). Funnily enough, he didn’t get a tip.

The boat repairs are coming along and it’s hoped that they will all be complete by the end of next week. We will lose a few days as it’s gusting 40 knots (45 mph) here at the moment and this will continue for the rest of the week so they can’t paint the bow. With this strength of wind, you really feel it several metres off the ground! So, we have decided to venture into central Greece and go on a road trip!

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  1. Maddy says:

    Glad it’s all going well xx

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