Repair update

On Monday morning, we went around to the boatyard to see the Technical Director, a delightful man called Sotiris, to find out what the next steps were in getting Nimmie fixed. He could haul us out the next day, Tuesday, first thing and then arrange the various technical people to come on board so that the repair quote could be compiled.

Tuesday morning was a bit blowy but we successfully motored out of our berth into the dry dock area to be lifted.

We then had people come to look at the teak, gelcoat, stainless steel, riggers – you name it. Over the course of the day, we had everyone on board so that Sotiris could pull the quote together by the end of the week. He also thought that the work would take a month to complete as the deck had come away from the hull at the bow and you need to ensure that the deck is very strong there as it is holding the anchor, the anchor windlass as well as the furling gear for the genoa (front sail).

This week has been all about ensuring that the boat could be left and being around for the anyone needing to pop back to check something. Today, they even managed to take the furling gear off without taking the mast down and found that the furling gear is repairable.

In between all of this, we have popped into the local town, Lavrion, to do some shopping as well as finding a delightful bay about a 30 minute walk from us.

Living on the hard is not great as we have a ten minute walk to the toilet and showers, there is dust everywhere and it feels much warmer here than on the water. Still, we are still in Greece with blue skies and warm weather. Liz has been perfecting her drone flying skills and managed to do this amazing video.

I have to say that our insurers, Bishop Skinner, have been amazing. They agreed to the haul out and storage quickly on Monday morning. Today, we have received the repair quote and Bishop Skinner have agreed to it so work will start immediately. As there is not much more we can at the moment, we have decided to pop back to the U.K. for a week and then we can see how they are progressing on our return.

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