Northern Corfu

We left Erikoussa on Sunday morning feeling slightly refreshed although it was a bit of a rolly night. No idea where the swell came from as we should have been safely tucked away from it. I can only imagine it was the wash from various large ships passing on their way up into the Adriatic. We were so tired that it didn’t matter too much.

We made our way to the east side of Corfu to Kalami Bay where Lawrence Durrell had a house. The wind was very light so we motored the whole 4 hours. The bay was pretty full and we would have had to anchor in quite deep water so we decided to go around the corner to O. Agni. It was a delightful bay. We anchored and then took lines ashore using our new webbing. Our neighbours were Aussies who were very entertaining and quite good guard dogs when we took the dinghy round to the Durrell’s White House in Kalami for a drink. It has been beautifully renovated and has lots of quirky touches to reflect its heritage.

Lawrence Durrell’s White House

Ormos Agni

An Austrian boat had tried to anchor near us earlier but their anchor was over ours (we did have 60m out!) so they had given up but came back later and were seen off by our friendly neighbours who also had 60m of chain out.

The new webbing in action!

We ate out at a lovely taverna called Agni’s which was a short dinghy ride away. Being an hour ahead of Italy meant that it was still light at 9.30pm.

A fabulous meal at Agni’s

Today we checked in officially at Gouvia. It is a massive marina holding over 1500 yachts and has a local Port Authority office there. We anchored across the bay (saving money as always!) and took the dinghy across. It took quite a long time because there was a bit of a queue and all the paperwork is written out by hand. Still we had the necessary document to allow us to cruise in Greece for the year. As Gouvia is a major charter centre, it also has a fuel berth so we took advantage to refill our tanks from the crossing. It has been really hot today with our weather station registering 43 degrees in the sun!

We want to explore Corfu Town tomorrow so we decided to move round to O. Garitsas bay this evening which is just to the south of Corfu Town. In fact, we are currently anchored under the Venetian Fortress with a positive dirth of superyachts for company!

Venetian fortress in Corfu Town

Screenshot 2018-10-25 21.29.16
Northern Ionian
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2 Responses to Northern Corfu

  1. jothesnow says:

    Looks absolutely fantastic. So glad you made it to Greece safely – we’re currently living on board our new boat – Wychcraft of Woodvale (we WILL be changing that name!!). Sadly for the moment we are having to work still, so staying around UK waters for at least a couple of years yet. It is good to have the boat ready though – getting used to her quirks and foibles. We had to change the fan belt en-route yesterday. All part of the shake down – she’s been sadly neglected in Gibraltar for the last 6 years. Looking forward to more posts and adventures from you. Maybe we need to set our own blog up now we have a ‘proper’ boat !!
    Take care and happy sailing xxx

    • Jo F says:

      You had a proper boat! But, I know what you mean. Part of the fun is getting to know their idiosyncrasies before the long adventures begin. Be lovely to catch up when we are back. Maybe dinner?

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