Greece at last!

Having settled our debts and finished off the last of our chores, we were ready to set off for Corfu. We left at 1pm, slightly later than planned but we should still make landfall before dark the next day. As previously mentioned, our course would take us along the Italian coast until Brindisi and then onto the islands just north of Corfu.

The wind and swell were coming from behind and at only 11 knots, it would take days to get to Corfu so we motor-sailed for the afternoon and took advantage of 1.5 knots of current. We were rocking and managed to get up to 8.9knots at one point. The combination of a newly coppercoated hull with the current meant that we were making very good speed at only 1700 revs. For the first 100 miles we were doing well over 7 knots and even after then we were doing around 6 knots so we were very pleased.

We arrived in Erikoussa around midday (Greek time) so it only took us 22 hours rather than the predicted 30. We dropped anchor with one other boat in the bay and were soon joined by a few other boats who were making it their lunchtime stop. One of them was a British flagged Oyster 55 who decided they wanted to get close and personal so dropped their anchor very close to us and of course the wind shifted a bit and their anchor was literally at the back of us. Luckily, there was just enough room for them to get their anchor up without hitting us. Numpties.

Erikoussa, Corfu

So far we have had a relaxing afternoon just chilling and even went for a swim to check on the anchor. Cold but turquoise and quite refreshing. Liz has decided to try out the new paddle board, even though the wind is now blowing sufficiently to top up the batteries. Let’s hope she doesn’t get swept out to sea!

Screenshot 2018-10-25 21.36.09
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