Back in Istria

We left Skradin about 10.45am on Monday morning having waved Ingrid and Jan Olav off on their bus to Split and for us to make our way north to Pula as Liz needed to go home to the UK for a few days. The wind was blowing NE and gusting 15 knots as we made our way down river to Šibernik. It then went round to the SW and died so we motored for the first few hours. Then all hell broke loose with the wind and sea building from the NW – exactly the direction we wanted to go. We ended up tacking our way through the islands with the aid of the motor so that we could point a little higher. We only made it back to Soline on Pašman, some 20nm less than we wanted by nightfall. Rather than push on, we decided to pick up a mooring buoy and rest.

The next morning was a very different mattter with only a light breeze from the North so we again motor sailed towards Pula. We left Soline at 0630 so that we would have 14 hours of daylight. We made it to the anchorage, Portič, in the Premantura National Park by 2030. We knew the holding was excellent here and this time, there were only a few boats there so plenty of room. We went to bed tired but knowing we only had a couple of hours sail round to Pula in the morning.

On Wednesday, the wind had moved round to the south so it was a warm (and busy) run round the corner to Marina Veruda on the outskirts of Pula. You can tell that the high season has truly started as lots of small boats mingle with the Italian motor boats trying to get somewhere as quickly as possible. There are a number of anchorages around Pula that seem quite busy with turquoise water and beach bars so no doubt we will be investigating them at some point!

One of the many types of vessels we had to dodge going into Pula!

We are now in the marina ahead of our next guests arriving on Saturday evening. Liz has flown back to the UK so has left me a list of jobs to complete before she returns!

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