Zadar and Soline

We decided that we would go over to Zadar town to meet Jan Olav and Ingrid off the bus Tuesday lunchtime.  This meant we needed to catch the 10.20am ferry from Preko (which means opposite by the way) so there were a few things we had to do in the morning to transform the boat from two people spreading out for the last month to four sharing. We caught the ferry with seconds to spare and 15 mins later we were in the old town.  Zadar was badly bombed in the Balkans war but its Roman ruins and historical centre were quite interesting to walk around. However, the highlight was the Sea Organ, what an amazing installation. Basically, a variety of pipes have been installed underwater on the waterfront so that the waves make a whale like sound and, as boats go past, the sound becomes more melodious and haunting. Quite soporific.

Liz sitting on the steps of the Sea Organ in Zadar

The other reason for going into Zadar was the fact that there is a large supermarket near the bus station so we were able to stock up on things we weren’t able to get locally in Preko. By the time we all got back to the marina, we desperately needed a swim in the sea. Luckily, the water near the marina is very clear and clean so we all jumped in! We went out to eat that evening and witnessed an amazing thunderstorm. Unfortunately, the restaurant we were seated in didn’t have space indoors for us and as we hadn’t yet ordered our food we were asked to leave. Suffice to say, we won’t be returning any time soon!

This morning, after refuelling at £1 a litre (bargain), we actually had the time to sail as our destination was Uline Soline on Otok Pašman. A mere 23nm away. We arrived around 4pm, picked up a mooring buoy (you get charged whether you pick up a buoy or anchor) and went for a swim. A lazy couple of hours before dinner at one of the restaurants onshore, where the choice was either calamari or fish. They had run out of meat  but it was simple and delicious.

The anchorage at U. Soline
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