A short but profitable visit

We had decided that we needed to go out to Malta at the end of Feb to check on Nimmie but, more importantly, to get some new electronics fitted. We had bought a transmitting AIS (Automatic identification System) at the Southampton Boat Show back in September and wanted it fitted before we set sail in May.

It transmits our position so anyone can track us via various apps like Marine Traffic or Ship Finder and of course, any boats in the vicinity. Just search on Nimrod of Tamar. This is additional functionality to the old AIS we had that only showed us the position of other boats.  An engineer Peter knew came and fitted it in less than 90 minutes. Very impressive.

We also had the new tender to check out. It’s considerably lighter than the old one, so much so that it can be carried as a backpack, and hopefully, with UV resistant glue! Apart from that, it was good to also clear some stuff off that we are no longer using, such as charts and pilot books for the Atlantic Coast and Northern France. Since we’ve been back we have already passed them on to others who are doing a similar trip down to the Med.

Whilst we were there, we bumped into Sheila, an old friend of Liz’s. She was staying on a converted trawler along the pontoon from us! One or two G&Ts were consumed in celebration but not many chores were completed after sun down. The fridge appears to be working well now. So much so that I can report that ice has finally been made!

Before we knew it Sunday morning was here and we said goodbye to Malta once again. Next time we are there it will be the start of our 6 month adventure to the Adriatic – can’t wait!

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  1. Tom Crean says:

    Great Blog, think I have read most of it by now 🙂 We are looking to buy a Westerly Oceanlord and head off for similar adventures so your blog has been really useful for our planning and ideas. Just need to find the right Oceanlord at the right price.. wow they do vary in price! Safe sailing looking forward to reading more. Cheers Tom and Clair.

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