Another day, another anchorage

Last night turned into something of a drama as the swell that we had moved away from came and found us with a vengeance! By 3am, we had had enough and figured that it couldn’t be as bad across the bay on the mooring buoys we had left earlier. Wrong. However, we couldn’t be bothered to move again so we put up with the awful motion. Neither of us slept well as it was also very warm and humid – around 27 degrees at its coolest!

So, this morning we got up and instead of staying to enjoy the delights of Taormina, the Greek temple and Mount Etna, we decided to head further south to Siracuse where the ancient city of Ortega is. There is also a large sheltered anchorage for free or a marina at 100 euros a night. Guess which one we are in! It was a long day as we didn’t get here until 7.15pm and only just had enough time to decide where to anchor before it got dark. There are quite a few boats here but plenty of room and quite close to town, which we will explore tomorrow morning before continuing southwards. I think it will be an early night tonight as we both have sleep to catch up on. You never know, tomorrow we might actually end up somewhere we had planned to!

Picture of Siracuse


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