The best laid plans of mice and women

The plan today was to leave Tropea between 10 and 11 so that we would reach the top of the Messina Straits just as the south going tide kicks in at 4.30pm. The wind of course was on the nose and, instead of the forecast of 12-16 knots, we had gusts of over 25! The sea had built up and so it was very slow progress indeed. The waves were crashing over the boat and whoever was on the helm (you guessed it – Liz wasn’t on for very long) It wasn’t cold but very salty. By 6pm we had had enough and although the sea had abated, the wind was still on the nose with a new forecast of over 20 knots all evening.

Caution got the better of valour and we looked for a refuge for the night. We are currently on a mooring buoy in the little harbour of Scilla right by the entrance to the Straits. Depending on the forecast for tomorrow we will either slip our lines at 6am to get the south going tide or stay here for the day.

So far this trip we have not actually made it to any of our intended destinations! Oh and by the way, the engine is performing marvellously!

Pictures of our track today and also the town of Scilla at night. We have also started to send data via the marinetraffic app and you’ll find us if you search for Nimrod of Tamar (her full name, don’t you know!).



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  1. Madeline Malthouse says:

    nil desperandum!!!

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