Looking forward to Thursday morning when we will be off to Sardinia again to pick up Nimrod for a two week cruise around Corsica with friends. Last year, we only managed to to see a small section of the island so we promised ourselves a longer time this year.

The plan is to sail up across the notorious Bonifacio Straits to Ajaccio on the western side of Corsica from Alghero to pick up our first set of guests and then sail around the top of the island to Bastia on the NE corner to swap crews and sail down the eastern side back towards Sardinia thus completing a circumnavigation. We are hoping to also get across to Elba, weather and time permitting. So looking forward to our longest trip of the year so far. The weather is looking good so fingers crossed!

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3 Responses to Excited

  1. Madeline Malthouse says:

    Sounds wonderful.Weather here settled and lovely at the moment. Keep your fingers crossed!

  2. Eva Gonzalez says:

    Lot’s of Luck with the weather…. God bless …Safe trip….

  3. Em says:

    What happened to the third crew???? The one where we sail off into the sunset on a 6 month team building exercise? Lucky so and so’s…… Xxx

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