We have left our baby for the winter!

The last two days have been spent doing the final jobs to bed Nimrod down for the winter and a spot more sightseeing. On Sunday it was bright and sunny so we cycled to the other side of the bay from Alghero and visited a Roman bridge just outside Fertilia then walked in one of the many nature reserves around here. Lovely walk but cool out of the sun. Monday, we cycled south to look back on Alghero and suss out beach bars and restaurants for next season.

Most of the jobs in winter for Nimrod are the same as if we were in the UK such as adding Milton to the water tanks, topping up the fuel to reduce the amount of condensation in the steel tanks and checking all the bilges are dry. We also took down the spray hood to reduce the windage on the boat when the next gale comes through. We kept it up whilst we were there as it allows us to have the companionway open when it rains without the weather joining us in the saloon!

It felt very strange to be leaving our home for the last 7 months. Nimrod has looked after us so well, no matter what the conditions. We shall miss her but looking forward to seeing her again at Easter and maybe earlier.

Pictures of Liz on the Roman Bridge and Nimrod this morning as we left.

20121204-144846.jpg   20121204-144858.jpg

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1 Response to We have left our baby for the winter!

  1. Madeline Malthouse says:

    Woe woe and thrice woe!!!! Never mind you have something good to look forward to when you return. We think you have had a wonderful adventure and surely more to come

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