Back on Nimrod

We have spent the last week in the UK sorting out various admin things and Jo needed to be back for her club committee meeting. It was a shock to the system landing at Stansted to a very chilly and damp UK!

However, before we left we had a lovely last day in a windswept Alghero with Caroline and Val. We had a lovely walk along the front after spending an hour or so sorting out the lines to the boat in preparation for our week away. Amazingly, we hadn’t left Nimrod that long since we had set off so it felt very strange.

We had been recommended a local fish restaurant, Pesce d’Oro, about ten minutes walk away from the marina and we were not disappointed. It seemed that most of the restaurant owners in the town were there so we took that as a pretty good recommendation. We all had an early start the next day so we didn’t stay up too late although the alarm still seemed to go off in the middle of the night!

We are now back on Nimrod, our home, with clear skies and a warm sun although it does feel cooler in the evening than when we were last here. We will spent the next two weeks getting the boat ready for winter and enjoying the last rays of autumn sunshine before returning to the UK for the next few months.

Pictures of our last evening in Alghero with Caroline and Val and a view of the harbour yesterday evening on our return.

20121108-222404.jpg   20121108-222411.jpg

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