Close encounters

The morning began with glorious sunshine, turquoise waters and blue skies, as has become the norm. Before we had a chance to have breakfast, a large, grey motor boat suddenly appeared close by with four men from the Guardia di Finanza (Italian Customs) on it demanding our boat papers and passports. All of this would have been fine except that Yvonne has just stripped off in the cockpit to go for a swim! They finally left half an hour later after checking our credentials.

We then headed north towards Costa Rei, a 6km stretch of white, sandy beaches with clear turquoise waters. Having toured the entire stretch we then anchored in turquoise waters and Joey rowed us all to shore only to find that the beach bar and shops were closed for the season. Yvonne, Liz and Jo swam back to Nimrod some 400m away. Joey in the the support vessel, our dinghy, disappeared in a split second.

We then had a cracking sail with Joey helming the entire way back to Villasiminius marina so that Yvonne and Joey can catch their flight back tomorrow morning to the UK.

Pictures of the Customs vessel, synchronised swimming in Cala Pira, Nimrod in Cala Sinzias at lunchtime and Joey helming.





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2 Responses to Close encounters

  1. madeline malthouse says:

    All looks great. Loved the synchronised Swimming!!!

  2. Carol Bennion says:

    Looks fab girls, bet you gave the Guardia short shrift !

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