Porto Pira

Our second visitor, Yvonne, arrived on Saturday evening for a few days. We had gone out during the day to find a nice bay with turquoise water for Joey but the previous night’s winds had churned up the sea. We did get to swim in turquoise but not clear water. There had been little wind all day until late afternoon when it really picked up making the mooring back in the marina somewhat of a challenge! No harm done.

On Sunday we made our way east towards Capo Carbonara and anchored in a lovely little bay nearby. We spent this morning lounging and swimming until we were surrounded by jellyfish, one of whom stung Yvonne. Luckily, not badly. We sailed around the headland to another cove, Porto Pira, that has a beach and a bar. The lifeguard got a bit excited about how close we were to the beach as you have to stay 300m from the shore in Italy. We retreated a bit and are now anchored in sand having a BBQ off the back of the boat. Yvonne, Joey and Liz went off to research the bar.

Pictures of Jo, Joey and Yvonne sailing, the bay in Carbonara.



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1 Response to Porto Pira

  1. madeline malthouse says:

    All looks lovely. We have had dreadful weather better now.

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