For once we were up early as we had a 60nm sail today from Porto Petro in Mallorca to Menorca. Unfortunately, the wind was very light so we motored the whole way. However, the monotony was broken by dolphins (again) and a whale that was less than 20m from the boat. Beautiful and graceful, it suddenly surfaced but not for long enough to grab a camera.

We arrived in Menorca around 1800 and went to what was purported to be one of the most beautiful calas in the whole of the Balearics, Cala Coves. We clearly have been spoilt as we thought it nice but not spectacular although it does boast 150 prehistoric caves. It also was quite open to the swell and the wind so we went a further 10 miles east to Mahon where there is a totally secure anchorage. I think it is best described as functional rather than picturesque as it feels like we are in a quarry surrounded by old military installations!

Picture of Cala Coves.


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