Santa Ponsa

Well, I am not sure what has happened to the weather but the temperature has dipped below 20 degrees C and we have had yet another storm today. There is a consistent wind of Force 4/5 (11-21knots) due for the next few days from the N/NE which means that we need to be safely tucked away on the SW of the island. So, after doing a few chores on the boat this morning, we left our mooring buoy (you can only stay two nights in a row on them) in Palma bay and headed around the corner to a bay called Santa Ponsa. We sailed most of the 20 miles although only needed the genoa out as the wind was coming from behind for most of the time. However, the heavens opened and it absolutely threw it down so I was drenched with not so warm rain whilst Liz stayed below and cooked dinner. The storm passed just as we entered the bay. Santa Ponsa has a marina as well as an anchorage but we decided to anchor rather than pay high season prices (€100 +). We plan to stay here a couple of days as there are shops etc. to re-provision the boat.


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2 Responses to Santa Ponsa

  1. Carol Bennion says:

    Hope the weather improves for you girls

  2. madeline malthouse says:

    You certainly earned your dinner

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