Mystery solved

Having slept until lunchtime yesterday, we had a very gentle day pottering around the boat and finally watching a recording of the Olympic Opening Ceremony. We did dive down and look again at the propeller to see whether we could ascertain where the horrible grinding noise was coming from when going astern (reverse). We noticed that the shaft anode was loose and was moving up and down the propeller shaft. (The anode is a sacrificial piece of metal that protects the rest of the boat from cathodic erosion). This meant that in reverse it was being pushed up the propeller shaft and grinding the bottom of the hull. No wonder it made such a horrendous noise. We then had the most amazing thunderstorm so couldn’t sort it out there and then. So this morning, we dived down and between us tightened the screws and also checked the damage. It had gouged the hull but not too seriously so we should be okay until we lift her out for the winter which means that we shouldn’t need to go into a marina in the foreseeable future at high season prices!

After sorting the anode out we then went ashore to find some shops as we needed some fresh food. We ended up walking into S’Arenal about 3km away. It was everything you would hate about Mallorca. Lots of tourists looking very sun burnt, fast food outlets, British pubs and tacky souvenir shops. Apparently 40% of tourists are German followed by 29% UK. However, we found the supermarket and the chandlery so it was worth the visit.

Then back to the boat for fresh prawns and bread washed down with a fine bottle of Albariño – great tip from Graham. The spot we are in is almost deserted with only three other yachts for company yet the bay itself is huge with Palma on the other side some 8nm away.


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