There’s always something…..

The day started fine although overcast and forecast of drizzle. Lovely. However, for once the forecast was wrong and within an hour or so the sun broke through to give us blue skies. We sailed out of A Coruna with a lovely beam reach so things were looking good for the 50nm and ten hour journey we had planned to take us half way to Cape Finisterre.

After 3 hours the wind died and we elected to motor as we needed to reach the anchorage in daylight as it is a difficult entrance with various rocks to trip up the unwary. The journey was uneventful and we even had time to listen to some Spanish lessons.

We arrived at the anchorage in the Ria Camarinas and Liz started to get things ready to deploy the anchor and then it happened – our windlass stopped working! This means that we can deploy the anchor easily enough but we will need to haul up the chain tomorrow morning by hand. Now the anchor we bought a couple of years ago is very good and will set pretty much every time, first time which also means that it is well and truly fast into the mud/sand. Oh well, there is always something! Consequently, we won’t be going into the village this evening but trying to mend the windlass!

The anchorage itself is lovely with only a few other boats in it although there is a bit of wind blowing now (typical when you don’t need it). Still, least that means we can have the wind generator on to top up the batteries.



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1 Response to There’s always something…..

  1. Kim says:

    Check that you have current to the motor, it may just be an inline trip, just a thought

    Your can bypass the control box and use direct battery to make the motor drive.

    Good luck Kim xx

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