Back in Camaret

We decided that the best sea trial was to motor over to Camaret, just outside the Rade de Brest and a good stopping point en route to the Raz de Sein.

The engine is completely different from the old one so we don’t know whether the noises we are hearing are the right ones but different or the wrong ones! We need to run it in for 10 hours and vary the revs during this time. The propeller also sounds different so you can imagine how paranoid we are getting! The wind was on the nose so it was a good opportunity to use the 14 mile journey as a sea trial. It pretty much rained the whole 3 hours so not fun at all. Still we are safely here and sitting down to watch Euro2012 with a roast dinner.

Tomorrow we may stay here as the wind is supposed to be SW (on the nose again) and we don’t want to go through the Raz with the wind in one direction and the tide going the other as it would make for a lumpy sea. If the wind drops, we will probably go.

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1 Response to Back in Camaret

  1. Sam says:

    Glad it is all sorted. I can totally understand the paranoia.

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