Ready to go – sort of!

All of the snagging list has been completed today so we are now ready to take her out on a proper sea trial. Shame that it is gusting over 30 knots in the marina and lashing it down with rain. Still, the throttle now works in the right way – you push it forward to go forward and backwards to go astern. Novel, but useful! The small fuel leak where they had to move the pre-filters to get the engine in has been sorted and the slight vibration we could feel from the engine was due to the mounting feet not being quite as tight as it should have been. All in all, we have no reason not to pay the balance of the invoice and that is akin to the national debt of Greece.

However, as we haven’t had a proper sea trial yet we are loathe to part with all of it and it will probably not be until Sunday before we can venture out. Between now and then, we have several partitions to put back as well as put everything back where it should be so that we can leave when the weather does improve which will hopefully be on Monday. Our plan then is to go through the Raz de Sein to continue on our way south. Happy days – almost!

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4 Responses to Ready to go – sort of!

  1. Sarah says:

    Geez! Just caught up with you. Wow! What a baptism of fire, you poor things. Any clue as to cause? (And is it insured?) Welcome to cruising as ‘fixing your boat in exotic ports’. We have just had a lovely week in the Tyrrenhian Sea with some kiwi friends on their catamaran – look at the saiblogs site to discover more friends of the family. As my finger (believe it or not) is still limiting my ability to hold a rope, we’re flying down-under in a fortnight and cruising again next spring. Good luck – and yes, it does get better.

  2. DAVID BROWNE says:

    Well done!! What an epic for you both. see you in the Vilaine, or nearby, on Thursday for the fully corey details.


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