Stormy in Trebeurden

We left Treguier this morning with a forecast of a storm coming through tonight and wanted to get further west. Also, having looked around Treguier yesterday evening, we decided that we didn’t want to spend two days there storm bound. We were greeted in the entrance to the river by another or perhaps it was the same dolphin. The sail to Trebeurden is under 40 nautical miles and for once we had wind. It turned out to be F5/6 gusting 7 at times but Nimrod took it all in her stride. We always feel very safe in her with her deep centre cockpit. We also used the Hydrovane, which is wind powered auto pilot that can steer the boat much better than we humans!

The Trebeurden marina has a cill to protect its depth inside so we had to wait on a buoy just outside until there was enough water to get in. We will spend tomorrow here as well, doing chores, replenishing our food stocks and washing clothes. It’ll be nice  to spend a day just doing “stuff”.

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1 Response to Stormy in Trebeurden

  1. Plumbey says:

    Glad you’re safe and sound. It sounds as though we’re sharing weather again. Enjoy your day of laundry xx

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