Finally launched!

We were very glad we stayed around this week as each day was a procession of workmen (sadly no women) coming onto the boat to finish the various jobs off. Between Monday and Thursday, we had the stainless steel guy, the riggers, the painter, the teak deck man, the electrician and various odd jobs men.

Shiny new deck, pulpit and anchor

The boatyard have been amazing (I think we may have said that before!) so that anything we didn’t quite like was rectified immediately. Our insurers, Bishop Skinner, have also been incredible paying for a couple of days in the marina to get the boat ready. To say that Nimmie was covered in dust was an understatement. We washed her down this morning before launch but it only scratched the surface. She was going to need a deep clean once in the marina. The electrician came this morning to fit the navigation light on the bow and the stainless steel guy came back as the anchor securing post on the deck was slightly misaligned. We agreed that he would make us something to fix the problem and it could be fitted whilst in the water. That meant we could be launched. Sotiris, the technical director, told us we would be launched immediately. That meant within two minutes his staff brought round the travel hoist and starting taking away the supports, including the ladder. Seems we were going to stay on board whilst she was launched! This was highly unusual but fun.

Once in the water, we took the opportunity to refuel so that we didn’t have to worry when we set off on Sunday and then went into the marina. Now that we were in the water we could turn on our main fridge, which is cooled by sea water, give her a thorough wash and put up the bimini so that we had some shade. It’s been at least 35 degrees during the day in the yard with the reflection off the surface was like being in a desert. It’s definitely cooler in the water.

Tomorrow, we will finish getting her ready, including putting the Genoa (front sail) on and doing a proper shop (now the fridge is working). Liz decided that it was my turn to go up the mast to sort out the lines for the burgees.

Jo up the mast for a change!

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2 Responses to Finally launched!

  1. Isolda Marroquin says:

    That’s great news! I don’t know how you have managed to cope in that heat! Hope you have great sailing for the rest of your stay.
    Isolda xx

  2. jothesnow says:

    So pleased you have got her fixed and good as new. And even more pleased you can resume your adventures. Happy sailing xx

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