Fort Rinella

Sunday was taken up with more chores so that the boat was ready for our guests, Caron and Yvonne, who were arriving over the next few days. Sunday evening was spent in the company of fellow Cruising Association members for an impromptu get together on Dave and Lyndsey’s Southerly, Rosa Di Venti.

Monday morning and Caron arrived so after a brief catchup we decided to visit Fort Rinella near Kalkara on the other side of Grand Harbour. It’s a Victorian fort with a 100 ton gun. The gun has a range of 8 miles but was never fired in anger as, soon after it was built with all its amazing engineering, it became obsolete. It was a front loader rather than a breach loader so it had to be turned 90 degrees each time to be loaded. Not necessary, of course, when the gun can be loaded from the back. The foundation that runs the fort provided demonstrations on musket fire, cavalry and cannons. The staff were both informative and amusing. A great afternoon out.

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