Having sorted ourselves out, had a late breakfast, washed the boat and had a nap, we set off to the Valley of Temples near Agrigento. We found the bus stop near the edge of town and a bus arrived within a few minutes, which was lucky as they only run hourly! Apparently, we needed to buy a ticket before boarding so the driver stopped at the nearby campsite so we could purchase them at €1 each way. Back on board the bus, we saw the amazing Temple of Concordia up on the hillside. We actually got dropped off by the exit to the site and wandered in looking for a ticket booth. We never did find one so spent the next two and a half hours wandering around this fascinating site for free!

Back in San Leone, we decided to splash out on a meal out as this would probably be our last time in Sicily and had a superb meal at one of the many fish restaurants along the front by the marina.

On Thursday we set sail back to Malta. It should take us about 19 hours so we will leave around lunchtime to arrive on Friday morning.

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