The Saints In Malta

I’m not sure where the time goes when we are on the boat but yesterday was no exception. We had planned to spend the day being tourists but didn’t mange to leave the boat until 1pm. We then took a bus to St Julian (€1.50 all day ticket) to go to the Hilton hotel and the Portomaso marina. Liz stayed at the Hilton when she was working in Malta about 8 years ago. The marina is very sheltered and full of motor boats with a few sail boats. The water is almost turquoise, which is unusual so not sure if they deliberately put sand on the bottom when they built it!

Next stop was St Paul’s Bay further north. Another bus, using the same ticket. This bay is named after St Paul who was shipwrecked here in AD60. At the top of the bay lies the National Aquarium and next door, Cafe Del Mar. It is part of the Aquarium rather than associated with the bar of the same name on Ibiza! However, free settees in the sun with very reasonably priced drinks made for a very pleasant afternoon. There is an infinity pool there but to use it you have to hire the loungers. However, the place was very chilled and relaxed so suspect you could have gone in and no one would have minded. It was too windy yesterday to try but very warm (26C) out of the wind.

We got back around 7pm having taken another bus that took us via Mosta rather than the busy tourist route along the coast. Our last evening meal on board watching the world go by. It seems that Malta has really got into the summer season now with more people about, cafes on the seafront full and more people down on their boats in the marina. There is a real buzz about the place.

This morning has been spent getting the boat ready to leave for a month as we are back at the end of June for a long weekend. As our flight isn’t until 1645, it’s been a very relaxed final morning with the temperature up in the high 20s by noon. Can’t believe that two weeks has  gone so quickly, but then great holidays always do, don’t they?

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1 Response to The Saints In Malta

  1. Madeline Malthouse says:

    The end of June will be here in no time!!!!

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