Mosaics and mad motorists

After a fairly lazy morning, we continued our tour of Southern Sicily and set off on a two hour drive to a Roman villa near Piazza Armerina where there is the most amazing mosaics. The vast majority of the floors in this large villa have intact mosaics – apparently the largest single collection anywhere. Quite extraordinary.  One of the most amazing was of ‘Bikini women’. I’m not sure I’ve seen mosaics before depicting women doing sporting activities. It was well worth the drive.  It’s a shame that there was a banner promoting Sicilian heritage across the floor. 

We also went onto Licata, which was another harbour we were going to visit as we had heard good reports. The town was nothing special but it did have a large supermarket next to the marina. Always a bonus when you don’t have a car! We experienced Sicilian driving at its ‘best’ today. People overtaking three or four cars, two lorries at a time on bends and with oncoming traffic. Amazing. The other thing that I hadn’t appreciated was the part of the Highway Code that allowed you to stop on a roundabout to drop someone off or indeed, just park there! However, the Sicilain countryside is quite lovely. Incredibly fertile with miles upon miles of cultivated farm land and poly tunnels – presumably to keep the vegetation from being scorched.


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  1. Madeline Malthouse says:

    Looks good Keep enjoying yourselves

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